Fifty people from the St Mary, Primrose Hill Church signed up to become a member of the LMCU. Santa brought the membership applications to the LMCU.

Tony Das, the manager at the our Kentish Town branch, explained what credit unions are about and that that they provide most of the same services as a bank, allowing people to both save and borrow money with the same security. He said: “We provide services for the unemployed, low paid, well paid, the retired… we have current accounts, we have junior accounts where we pay 5 per cent interest, savings and loans for different purposes.”

David Barclay, the coordinator of the Church Credit Champions Network, also came to show his support on the day said “I have joined my local union and am safe in the knowledge that my money is being used for something good.”

It was a great day, and both the Financial Times and Camden New Journal came to cover the event!

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