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Things to Bear in Mind with BFPO Addresses

Over your career, it's likely that you'll change addresses fairly often. Here's how to make sure your credit file doesn't suffer because of it.

Above all else, lenders need to be able to check your address history.

When considering you for a loan, lenders will look through your credit report (more information on that here). They’ll look at your borrowing and repayment history.

But before they can get that far, they simply need to understand who you are and where you live. They’ll also want to know other addresses where you have lived or taken out credit in the past. You may fall at the first hurdle if the picture is unclear, or if they can’t piece that information together.

Because of that, one of the most important aspects of building good credit is to use the same address consistently. You also need to keep lenders and your bank updated each time you move. It also makes a big difference to Register to Vote, which takes around five minutes. Registering will put your name and address on the Electoral Roll. This makes it much easier for credit agencies to look you up.

Challenges of life in the Forces

Of course, life in the Forces creates particular challenges on this front. Chances are, you (and often your family) will be moving address fairly regularly. If you happen to be in the middle of the South Atlantic or in the Belize rainforest, your current address might not exactly be conventional either.

BFPO addresses

In recent years, the Ministry of Defence has updated the BFPO address format. This means that no matter where you are, you will have a postcode in a format that lenders can understand. These new BFPO postcodes follow the same address format as a normal UK postcode. They are different from the system of BFPO numbers from the previous system.

You should always give your address in the correct BFPO address format and postcode and keep lenders informed every time you move.

The Royal Mail has issued special UK postcodes for BFPO numbers that you should use when interacting with UK based websites. These postcodes should help to ensure your Amazon delivery gets through, as well as maintaining your credit file.

How we use BFPO addresses

As you would expect, we are geared up to use BFPO addresses when you join or apply for a loan. All the main credit rating agencies accept postcodes in this format. So as long as you keep us (and everyone else) updated on your current address, there shouldn’t be any problems.

If you have problems with another lender denying you credit simply on account of you having a BFPO address, you may need to tell them to use the BFPO postcode (not the BFPO number from the previous addressing system) when running credit searches on you.

Good to Know

The contents of this article are intended for informational purposes only, and do not constitute financial advice. Always consult a qualified professional for independent advice if you are unsure about whether a financial product or strategy is suitable for you.

All loans are subject to our loans policy and availability. The amount and rate that we may offer you may differ based on our assessment of your personal circumstances. Applying for a loan may affect your future ability to take out credit.

Ben West

Ben is responsible for promoting our membership and services, improving customer experience, and developing our links with the Armed Forces community. Having grown up in a Royal Navy family, Ben has some experience of the unique challenges of armed forces life.

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