Borrow from £1,000 to £25,000 and repay from your salary at rates from as low as 4.5% APR.


Get into the savings habit with regular savings deducted directly from your armed forces salary.

About us

Forces Finance is delivered in partnership between London Mutual Credit Union and the MOD.

How it Works

Decide how much you’d like to save each month or borrow, and we’ll arrange the with your employer.

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How it works

Forces Finance: a convenient way to save and borrow over your armed forces career

Forces Finance is a partnership between London Mutual Credit Union and the Ministry of Defence, which makes it possible to build savings and borrow at low rates, directly from an armed forces salary or pension.

About Forces Finance

Building the financial strength of our armed forces

Serving your country brings lots of challenges—professional, personal and financial. The complexities of Forces life mean that sometimes, it’s hard to plan financially for the long-term. Civilian-oriented financial providers aren’t always geared up for the individual circumstances or complex address histories that are typical in the Armed Forces, and things can get especially tricky when you are looking to borrow.

Since 2015, the Ministry of Defence has partnered with Forces Finance, alongside two other UK credit unions, to provide a solution as part of its commitments made in the Armed Forces Covenant. As not-for-profit, member-owned institutions, credit unions are designed around the needs of our members, and based around an individual, personal approach.

Our salary deducted tools make it straightforward to build savings over your career, and to borrow conveniently when you need to, no matter where your Forces career might take you.

Not-for-profit and member owned

Fully regulated, insured and protected

Loans from 4.5% APR

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Becoming a member of Forces Finance takes about five minutes via our secure online form.


How it works

Salary deduction (sometimes called payroll deduction), is a staff benefit offered by hundreds of employers across the UK.

Become a member online

You can join online straightaway, or do it at the same time as applying for a loan. The form takes around five minutes. As part of the joining process, we’ll ask for your National Insurance number, which we will use to identify you to your employer.

Membership Account

After some standard ID checks, You’ll get a membership pack by post in 7-10 days. You’ll also receive a basic Membership Account, which you can access by logging in via our mobile and online apps.

On Pay Day

Your chosen savings and/or loan repayments will be taken off at the same time as tax and any other deductions, and appear in your credit union account a day or two later. You’ll receive the rest of your salary as normal.

Save or apply for a loan

When you sign up, you’ll have the option of choosing an amount to save regularly. Need a loan immediately? You can apply for a loan the same time as you join. We can lend up to £2,500 at rates as low as 4.5% APR.

We'll Do the Rest

We’ll pass on your details to MOD payroll, letting them know how much to deduct each month for savings or loan repayments. This information is fully confidential, and is not shared with your chain of command.

Accessing your Money

You can check your savings balance and withdraw it at any time using our mobile or web app. If you have a loan with us, your savings will be held until your loan is fully repaid.

Membership benefits

Convenient savings

Start putting away some of your salary each month for the end of your career, or towards your financial goals. Save anything from £20 to £200 a month, and watch it grow. Salary deduction makes it effortless.

Affordable Loans

Borrow anything from £100 to £25,000 rates from 4.5% APR. Our personalised decision process means you’ve got the best possible chance of us saying ‘yes’, with convenient repayments from your salary.

 Join Forces Finance
Get Started

Becoming a member of Forces Finance takes about five minutes via our secure online form.