Borrow from £1,000 to £25,000 and repay from your salary at rates from as low as 4.5% APR.


Get into the savings habit with regular savings deducted directly from your armed forces salary.

About us

Forces Finance is delivered in partnership between London Mutual Credit Union and the MOD.

How it Works

Decide how much you’d like to save each month or borrow, and we’ll arrange the with your employer.

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About Us

Finance for those who Serve

Forces Finance is provided by London Mutual Credit Union, one of the UK’s leading credit unions, in partnership with the Ministry of Defence. As a credit union we are owned by, and exist to serve, our members, who include thousands of people working in local government, the NHS and our armed forces. 

Our Story

Building a different kind of bank

London Mutual was set up back in 1982 by council employees in Southwark, South London, as a way to pool their savings and to lend to one another at reasonable rates.

Over the years, we’ve grown, and the area we serve (known as our ‘common bond’) now covers much of Inner London and the armed forces nationwide.

As a credit union, our goal is financial inclusion. We believe that everyone should have access to quality financial tools and services that make them better off, built around their individual needs.


Established in 1982

Over 33,000 members

Regulated by the PRA and FCA

Our Mission

“To promote financial well-being within the communities we serve, by providing high-quality and affordable financial services which are accessible and relevant to all.”

Our credit union at a glance

London Mutual is one of the UK’s largest, and oldest credit unions, and many of our members have been with us from the start. We’d love for you to join them.

Total Members


Total Savings

Years of Experience

Total Members


Total Savings

Years of Experience

Why a Credit Union

Credit unions are not-for-profit community banks that are owned by their members. More than 1.4m people in the UK are members of a credit union. 

Our Branch in Peckham, South London, where the majority of our staff team are based.

Fully Regulated and Protected

As a credit union, we are regulated by the FCA and PRA (like a bank). All your deposits with us up to £85,000, are guaranteed by the government’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme. 

With you for the right reasons

Credit unions exist to serve their membersnot to make a profit. That means that you can trust us to do right by you and by your community. Any money we make is re-invested in our services or paid back to you as a dividend.

We are proud to sponsor the Under 10s Football Team at Catterick Army Garrison

Colour Sergeant Johnson Beharry VC joined the credit union in 2015 as our first armed forces member.

Committed to the armed forces

We have have members across all three services and ranks, and are proud to have been awarded the Silver Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme.

What Our Members say about us


British Army

I am a serving member of the armed forces, over the years have struggled with credit due to being an overseas soldier.

Since I was told and referred to London Mutual I have had nothing but clear, transparent and affordable banking.


Royal Air Force

Wasn’t really sure about being a member of credit union before but the professionalism and friendly staff have sold it.

I’d go to them time and time again before a high street bank.


Royal Navy

Fantastic service. A genuine customer focused company who look at the individual rather than simply a generated credit score. Gave a fantastic rate and application was painless. Would thoroughly recommend. 

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