Borrow from £1,000 to £25,000 and repay from your salary at rates from as low as 4.5% APR.


Get into the savings habit with regular savings deducted directly from your armed forces salary.

About us

Forces Finance is delivered in partnership between London Mutual Credit Union and the MOD.

How it Works

Decide how much you’d like to save each month or borrow, and we’ll arrange the with your employer.

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Current accounts

Everything you expect from a current account, with some nice extras.
London Mutual’s current account enables you to access all the services you’d expect from a bank account, including having you salary or pension paid in, paying bills, and making regular payments via direct debits and standing orders. And, just as you’d expect, our mobile banking app enables you to manage your account, check your balance and make payments whether from your sofa or on the go.

Making managing your money easy

  • SMS confirmation alerts 
    Sent every time you use your card to withdraw cash or make a purchase
  • Current balance alert 
    Sent with every confirmation alert so you know exactly where you stand
  • Receive SMS alerts abroad
    Charged at no more than your mobile operator’s standard rate for the country you are visiting.

An easy mobile app

  • View your current balance for any accounts you have with us, as well as your last 20 transactions
  • Transfer money
    Between your current, savings and other credit union accounts
  • Painless support
    Send and receive secure messages from your online banking
  • Set up one-off or regular payments to cover bills or to any external bank account

Access your account from anywhere

  • MasterCard debit card
    With Chip & PIN, contactless and all the usual features, giving access to your money around the world.
  • An overdraft if you need it
    Simple and straightforward overdraft with no hidden charges. Interest calculated at 42.6%APR on daily basis and no more.
Ready for an account? Becoming a member of London Mutual Credit Union is the first step.
It takes just a few minutes to set up.

Safe and secure

London Mutual is a fully licensed credit union, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), just like a bank. Every account is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), up to the value of £85,000.